The environment is center stage and in the spotlight. Conduct that endangers the environment is subject to taxation, such as that levied with respect to ground water, tap water, waste products, fuels, and energy use. Environmental levies can encompass sewerage and drainage charges, anti-pollution levies, and levies imposed pursuant to the Pollution of Surface Waters Act.

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

You will encounter environmental taxes more and more often as time goes on. We offer a wide range of advisory services that include the following.

  • A quick scan identifies possible risks and opportunities for your organization with respect to environmental taxes.
  • An audit comprises an in-depth investigation of your company’s environmental tax position.
  • Using various invoices issued by your utility company, an invoice audit provides a definite answer to the question of whether you are overpaying energy tax.
  • We can handle your objection proceedings with the Dutch Revenue and your appeal proceedings to the District Court, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court.
  • Second opinions: We provide you with an independent evaluation of the positions assumed by other advisors.

How will you benefit?

Because of the complexity of environmental tax legislation and the rapid developments in that field, the law is often incorrectly applied. This means that there may be substantial environmental tax savings just waiting to be realized. The expertise and outstanding market knowledge possessed by our professionals always puts Meijburg & Co in the perfect position to anticipate future developments, and to save you unnecessary expense.

Why choose Meijburg & Co?

Our advisors set the trends when it comes to minimizing environmental taxes. Meijburg & Co offers you a no-nonsense approach designed to identify and achieve solutions and savings in the field of environmental taxes.