Leo has years of experience providing advice in various tax fields, including corporate and personal income tax and international tax law. He advises a wide range of companies, ranging from SMEs to large enterprises, on the determination and optimization of their day-to-day tax position. In addition, Leo acts as sparring partner during mergers, acquisitions and restructuring processes.
Providing guidance on the tax position of director-major shareholders is also one of his specializations.

Leo is head of the Automotive market group and in this context not only advises various car importers and major dealers but also leasing companies, for example. He is also a member of the Mergers and Divisions knowledge group.

Leo serves many clients in the service and retail sector and has extensive experience with the structuring of cross-border activities between various countries. 


  • Automotive
  • Mergers and Divisions

Education and memberships

  • Member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors (NOB)
  • American Tax Law, Leiden University
  • Tax Law, Groningen University