Robert has more than 16 years experience in advisory services. He joined Meijburg & Co in 2001. He is currently a tax partner in the International Tax unit. Robert has extensive experience with cross-border transactions, including tax planning, mergers, acquisitions, and international reorganizations of multinationals. In 1999/2000, he worked as a tax advisor in Frankfurt, Germany. Between 2001-2006, Robert was a member of KPMG’s M&A tax team, where he gained valuable experience in the field of M&A. His clients are mostly blue chip companies. As a lead partner, he is well-acquainted with managing large teams.

Robert is the chairperson of the International Tax units in Rotterdam and the Hague.


  • International corporate income tax
  • Germany and Denmark
  • Transport, retail, oil & gas

Education and memberships

  • Tax Law, Tilburg University
  • Member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors


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