How to stay in control of your Swiss corporate tax position after the failing of Corporate Tax Reform III?

After years of mounting pressure from the EU and OECD on specific Swiss corporate tax regimes, the Swiss Federal Council agreed to adjusting their tax laws and introduced the “Corporate Tax Reform III”-package. In February 2017, however, the Swiss people overwhelmingly rejected the CTR-III package in a referendum. Basically, this means that the tax reform should be re-drafted. It is also expected that the EU and OECD will put further pressure on Switzerland to abolish specific Federal and Cantonal tax regimes in due course. How will this new, unforeseen, situation impact your business in Switzerland and your group's tax position? What happens with current Swiss tax rulings and can new tax rulings still be agreed? Can the EU put Switzerland on a blacklist and what are the consequences?

Following the rejection of the Corporate Tax Reform III-package, the Swiss Federal Council launched a new reform – Tax Proposal 17. The objectives of the TP17 are undisputed, i.e. to restore international acceptance, maintain Switzerland's attractiveness as a location and safeguard fiscal revenues of the Confederation, Cantons and Communes. The Federal Council will determine the cornerstones of the proposal in June 2017 and decide on the next steps.

At the event on June 21, 2017 (Amstelveen, afternoon session) we will discuss the above items, update you on the latest stage of the Tax Proposal 17 and the expected impact thereof on Dutch investors into Switzerland. 


15.30 hrs. : Registration
16.00 hrs. : Welcome and presentation led by Hans Mies, KPMG Switzerland
17.30 hrs. : Close and drinks
18.30 hrs. : End

Location: Amstelveen
Datum: 21 June 2017
Time: 15:30 t/m 18:30