Our seminars and training programs

Our seminars and training programs

Would you like to gain new skills and use the latest tax and legal insights and rules to enhance your current level of expertise? Then we hope you will enroll in one of our training programs or seminars.


2nd Roundtable VAT changes e-commerce

Tax Technology Event

3rd Roundtable VAT changes e-commerce

Training programs

VAT and International Trade course

VAT is a dynamic and rapidly-changing consumption tax of increasing importance in international trade. To help businesses better understand the impact of VAT, we have designed a course focusing on the international trade of goods (B2B). The course addresses how an organization should account for VAT on its cross-border transactions of goods (B2B) with customers and suppliers. A better understanding of VAT will enable organizations to deal more efficiently with international VAT, while potentially reducing the risks of tax audits and penalties

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