On Budget Day, September 20, 2016, the cabinet presented the 2017 Tax Plan to the Lower House. It contains the following bills:

  • 2017 Tax Plan;
  • 2017 Other tax measures
  • 2017 Tax Simplification Act;
  • Phasing out of Self-administered Pension Plans and Other Pension Tax Measures Act;
  • Temporary Reduced Tax Rate for Public Charging Stations Act;
  • Tax Measures for Nationally Listed Buildings and Education Act;

This year’s proposed tax measures are dominated by simplification and the combating of tax arrangements and tax evasion. Many of the proposed measures will take effect on January 01, 2017. The main features of the 2017 Tax Plan are addressed in our memorandum.

Click here to download the memorandum in pdf format

The 2017 Tax Plan on two pages