Every tax professional has unique talents and desires. Meijburg & Co is pleased to offer these talented professionals the chance to use their own personal desires and traits to shape their professional career. The foundation for this is the Meijburg Tax Work/Life Plan.

As a professional, the Meijburg Tax Work/Life Plan lets you take control of the direction your career takes. Because the Tax Work/Life Plan is based on the premise that Meijburg’s tax experts enjoy and will continue to enjoy their work, the plan also makes plenty of room for attending to non-work issues. Aside from the pleasant working atmosphere and friendly colleagues, the Tax Work/Life Plan primarily focuses on the correct balance between your work life and your personal life.

Meijburg & Co is pleased to support its staff in realizing their personal career objectives. The Tax Work/Life Plan enables us to create an environment that brings out the best in every Meijburg staff member. Whether you are in the tax-return or the tax-advisory practice, the Tax Work/Life Plan helps everyone plan the course of his or her career. This allows our staff a great deal of freedom to determine which skills they wish to develop in order to become top-flight tax professionals.