Do you regularly do business with non-EU Member States? Do you think you might benefit from one or more customs procedures?

Meijburg & Co’s Customs checklist can provide you with insight into the question of whether you qualify for a customs procedure. Businesses that utilize such customs procedures can often benefit from a simplified application of the customs formalities. The checklist also shows whether you apply your customs license correctly, which is important because improper use may have major financial implications.

The Customs checklist offers: 

  • a practical and quick working method
  • an easy way to obtain an understanding of customs procedures
  • clarification of the risks the utilization of customs procedures entails

Additional benefits of our Customs checklist: 

  • It may result in simplified customs formalities.
  • It provides insight into the customs licenses used within your company.
  • It helps eliminate the financial pitfalls stemming from the improper use of customs licenses.
  • It can aid you in cutting personnel costs.