In practice, many companies are insufficiently aware that the fixed expense allowances they pay their employees must be itemized according to type and presumed amount. Recent case law has again drawn employers’ attention to the fact that solid accounting substantiation is an essential aspect of paying fixed expense allowances. The absence of solid substantiation could lead to potential risks relating to payroll tax and social security contributions.

That is why Meijburg & Co developed the DeclaTax program, which provides companies with a cost-efficient and structured method for itemizing fixed expense allowances according to type and amount.

DeclaTax offers:

  • electronic submission and processing of data on expenses incurred
  • assessment of expenses in terms of their acceptability for tax purposes
  • external or internal supervision of the expense investigation

Additional benefits of DeclaTax:

  • minimum administrative and organizational burden
  • optimal investigation result
  • periodic progress reports (if desired)
  • capability of direct corrective monitoring and control
  • electronic reminders
  • help in avoiding assessments and penalties