Are any of your non-Dutch employees eligible for the 30% ruling? Or does their ineligibility mean that you reimburse their extraterritorial expenses, such as accommodation and moving expenses, instead? Are any of your Dutch employees working abroad temporarily, perhaps in Africa or Asia? Do you realize the maximum tax benefit for these seconded employees?

Meijburg & Co’s Expatriate Payroll Review (EPR) can assist you in determining whether the expenses covered by the 30% ruling, and the reimbursement of extraterritorial expenses, are processed correctly in your payroll accounting system. If not, you may be remitting insufficient payroll tax. A payroll tax audit could result in assessments, including penalties and interest. Moreover, you could be missing out on opportunities to optimize your tax position, since you can save tax by taking maximum advantage of the statutory regulations on extraterritorial expenses.

The EPR solution offers: 

  • a detailed review of payroll information and how the payroll, personnel, and finance departments gather it;
  • a report that identifies exposures (accompanied by suggestions for improvement) and tax-saving opportunities;
  • recommendations for improving reporting procedures between various departments to ensure that all expenses are processed correctly in the payroll accounting system; and
  • if you wish, a follow-up review to determine whether adjustments have been implemented, and implemented correctly.

Additional benefits of our EPR solution: 

  • A minimized risk of insufficient payroll tax being remitted, which means a minimized risk of penalties and interest being imposed.
  • An optimized, cost-efficient remuneration structure.
  • Improved internal communication and reporting procedures with respect to payroll information.
  • Recommendations for ensuring that payroll information is processed correctly in the future.