Do you have an equity-based compensation plan, such as a stock option plan, in which your employees around the globe participate? Have you implemented a centralized system to ensure that your withholding obligations with respect to these plans are being met in the countries in which you operate? And do you have a structure in place to ensure that your obligations in all of those countries are met, with respect to both mobile employees and local employees who participate in parent-company equity-based compensation plans? How do you ensure that you quickly deliver the right number of shares or the exact amount of cash to these employees when they decide to exercise their options?

KPMG's Global Equity Tracker (GET) is a web-based tool that helps you deliver equity-based compensation quickly and accurately to your employees around the globe, while helping you meet your withholding and reporting requirements in the countries in which you operate.

The GET tool offers: 

  • a single application that can be used for many different types of equity-based plans, including stock options plans, restricted stock plans, and restricted stock units
  • easy configuration to your specific plans
  • the capability to deal with your cross-border expatriate issues
  • a web-based solution, so you need not install software or maintain hardware
  • interfaces with internal or external employee data, payroll, compensation and share-plan administration systems

Additional benefits of our GET tool: 

  • It assists your company’s compliance with payroll tax and social security requirements.
  • It helps expedite settlement and delivery of incentive compensation to your employees.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It saves you time and money by automating manual processes.
  • It mitigates compliance risks.