Would you like to know how you can prevent your private assets from vanishing into thin air after your death? Your heirs will be subject to inheritance tax, and the more distantly related to you they are, the more they will have to pay (up to 40%). Perhaps you are an entrepreneur, and you wonder whether any favorable tax facilities would apply in the event of business succession. For example, 83% of your business assets might be exempt from inheritance or gift tax if certain conditions are satisfied. 

A carefully drafted will may circumvent many tax issues, and it will allow you, as a high net-worth individual, to make the fullest possible use of the tax facilities available. Naturally, these should not interfere with your personal wishes. The inheritance and donations quick scan offers you an excellent opportunity to combine tax optimization with your personal wishes

The procedure for our inheritance and donations quick scan runs as follows: 

  • You contact us by telephone to apply for the quick scan.
  • We send you a questionnaire, which you complete and return to us, together with a copy of any pre- or postnuptial agreement and/or cohabitation agreement and any current will.
  • We invite you for a personal meeting at our offices, during which we discuss your present tax position and potential tax-related points for improvement.

If you wish, we will supervise the implementation of the points for improvement we discussed. Naturally, we can provide you with a fee quote in advance.