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Meijburg & Co Expatriate Services assists and cooperates with employers and their seconded employees on all aspects of cross-border employment. Meijburg & Co Expatriate Services is a unique group of specialists who work closely together with Meijburg Global Mobility Services tax group.

How can Meijburg & Co Expatriate Services assist you?

  • Immigration Permits, Visas
    We assist expatriate employees in obtaining the necessary residence and work permits. We have an experienced immigration team staffed by dedicated professionals who know all the ins and outs of Dutch and international permits. We have expert knowledge of the Dutch Kennismigrantenregeling (Knowledge Migration Regime), which enables the necessary Dutch permits for international professionals to be obtained more efficiently.
  • International Human Resource Management
    The professionals in our International Human Resource Management group have extensive training and a wealth of experience in assisting employers with all HRM aspects of a foreign assignment, as well as with starting a new business in the Netherlands or anywhere else in the world. The main features of our group include:
    • Assignment Management Services ensures that your expatriate population is properly managed and your international secondment policy works effectively. We assist with the actual execution, coordination, and implementation of individual assignments.
    • Process management for both your inbound as outbound expatriates. This can be achieved by developing the process, or by assessing existing internal processes, which can then be optimized in mutual consultation. We can also assist in implementing the process.
    • Policy design sees to it that your international employment structure is not only competitive and cost effective, but is designed to meet all of your business needs and goals. Key words are: consistency, compliance, control and costs.
    • Employment law specialists, our in-house lawyers, draft secondment contracts and, through specialized law firms, local employment contracts.
    • Remuneration methods handles benchmark studies and aids you in determining and designing the remuneration package for international assignees.
    • Global IT solutions manage your expatriate population.

  • Moreover, we have a long history of successfully providing on-site HRM services to foreign investors and companies that have expatriates both in and from the Netherlands (interim management / outsourcing / process management). At your location of choice we can support, manage and / or establish your local and global HR goals.

Why choose Meijburg & Co Expatriate Services?

Because we deal with all aspects of expatriation, Meijburg & Co Expatriate Services can offer uniquely complete assistance to expatriates and their employers. If so desired, you can have a single contact for all the services you need. All of our services will be provided by dedicated specialists with many years of experience. Thanks to our collaboration with Meijburg Global Mobility Services tax group, Meijburg & Co Expatriate Services can offer a truly unique one-stop shop that can handle all aspects of cross-border employment, while you control the extent to which you outsource your expatriate management.