Meijburg & Co’s Norway Country Desk provides tax advice to businesses and individuals with cross‑border interests, investments or activities in Norway and the Netherlands.

The professionals on the Norway Desk have specific knowledge of and experience with this ‘frontier’, as expressed, for example, in the following situations:

Presence and network

The professionals on the Country Desk regularly attend client meetings and seminars in Norway. This enables them to maintain their network of colleagues from KPMG Norway, Norwegian clients and interest groups.


The members of the Country Desk are interested in Norwegian culture and customs and naturally take this into account in their contacts and in their advice.  


The cross-border investments and activities between Norway and the Netherlands are very diverse, with an important part relating to the offshore service industry. The professionals on the Country Desk have experience with and knowledge of the tax concerns associated with these activities, for example, permanent establishment issues in respect of the cross-border leasing of equipment and the cross-border provision of services, the crediting of withholding tax, and questions concerning expats who are involved with exploitation and exploration activities.