Are you certain that your payroll accounting system meets the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements?

Meijburg & Co’s payroll tax and social security quick scan enables you to investigate whether you, as an employer, are running risks in meeting your payroll tax and social security obligations. If your payroll accounting system is not up to scratch, you may face assessments imposed by the Dutch Revenue. These assessments often include penalties of at least 25%, and, if the same mistake has been made for a number of years, they often involve relatively large amounts.

The payroll tax and social security quick scan offers: 

  • identification of potential tax exposures
  • reliable reporting
  • a practical and cost-efficient procedure
  • a short lead time (one to two weeks)
  • flexibility, with Meijburg & Co’s role varying from analyst to consultant

Additional benefits of our payroll tax and social security quick scan: 

  • an overview of the risks identified
  • an evaluation of existing employee plans
  • a basis for making your employee benefit plans tax-efficient
  • help in avoiding assessments and penalties