You compensate your employees, both in cash and in kind. A crystal-clear employment package is essential; achieving that clarity depends largely on properly accounting for payroll tax and social security contributions. It is often unclear whether, when, or how compensation and allowances are subject to payroll tax and social security contributions. The rules governing this field are complex and encompass numerous special arrangements, in such areas as pensions, stock option plans, and employees’ savings plans. And the Dutch Revenue regularly monitors companies to ensure their compliance with the statutory requirements in this respect.

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

  • We can perform a tax analysis of your employees’ fringe benefits, such as cafeteria models, expense allowances, equity-based compensation plans, and pension plans.
  • We can support you during audits by the Dutch Revenue and the Employed Persons’ Insurance Administration Agency (UWV). When necessary, we can also handle your objections and appeals procedures, even to the Dutch Supreme Court.
  • We can keep you up to date on changes in legislation and their consequences for employees and employers, as well as for agreements concluded by these parties.
  • We can perform periodic scans of your payroll accounting system to ensure that it complies with statutory requirements.
  • Using our expense-investigation software, DeclaTax, we can help you substantiate the tax-free fixed expense allowances that you, as an employer, pay your employees.

How will you benefit?

Engaging Meijburg & Co’s payroll tax and social security experts will help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of assessments that can be imposed retroactively for up to five years. That also means avoiding penalties, interest, and gross-ups. The complexity of the law and regulations in this field requires the in-depth specialization and involvement of your tax advisor. That is why our payroll tax and social security professionals devote themselves exclusively to this area of expertise.

Why choose Meijburg & Co?

We have years of experience in the field and represent clients from every imaginable sector and industry, and we have professionals working in various subspecialties, such as pensions and stock option plans. For you, our concentrated knowledge and experience translates into the timely recognition identification of potential problems and proactive advice designed to solve them.