Whether you are an entrepreneur, a director/major shareholder, an employer, or an employee, you will almost certainly face pension issues. Because of the many related laws and their complexity, many employers and employees tend to put off maximizing the benefits of their pension plans.

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

We have a comprehensive team of pension specialists, who can: 

  • advise you proactively on establishing and implementing the most efficient pension plan for your company;
  • assess your current pension plan and formulate ways to improve it;
  • assist you in submitting your pension plan to the Dutch Revenue for approval;
  • advise you on cross-border pension issues, such as the imposition of protective assessments, the transfer of pension capital to another country, and working for a non-Dutch employer;
  • advise you on the complex terrain of the pan-European pooling of pension fund investments and the pan-European pension institution, which enable multinational enterprises to realize significant economies of scale when financing and shaping their worldwide corporate pension funds; and
  • keep you informed of current developments regarding pension-related tax legislation.

How will you benefit?

If your pension plan fails to meet the requirements set in the Pension Act and tax legislation, the financial consequences could be crippling. Because of the complexity of the numerous rules and regulations, companies and private individuals often fail to use the available tax facilities to their best advantage. Meijburg & Co will make certain that you have the best possible plan in place – one that meets your objectives – and will alert you in advance of legislative amendments that may be relevant to you.

Why choose Meijburg & Co?

We employ highly experienced pension specialists, who can ensure your pension-related wishes and objectives are achieved in the most tax-efficient manner possible. They cooperate closely with labor-law attorneys and actuaries, and, if you wish, they can coordinate all services in this field. Our access to the international KPMG network also enables us to coordinate international aspects.