Are you in control of matters for your expatriate population? How do you manage the tax and social security risks for your employees who work abroad? How do you ensure than you meet all of the requirements for personal income tax, payroll tax, and social security? Are you using tax and social security planning to optimize the costs of international secondments?  

Meijburg & Co’s International Executive Services (“IES”) advise employers and seconded employees (“expatriates”) regarding the tax and social security aspects of their cross-border work. Our IES specialists give advice not only regarding employee secondments, but also regarding any questions that an employee may have about working abroad. Cross-border workers or commuters live in one country, while they work permanently in another country; others work regularly in numerous countries and are faced with a salary split. We also regularly assist with reorganizations where there are permanent transfers to another country. 

Furthermore, our Global Mobility Advisory Services (“GMAS”) is a unique department that specializes in non-tax-related issues, such as international personnel matters, obtaining visas, residence and work permits, and moving house in a cross-border context.

The IES specialists at Meijburg & Co constitute part of the international KPMG network. Worldwide, we have 2500 IES specialists assisting more than 60,000 employers in more than 800 organizations.

How can Meijburg & Co be of service to you?

We advise employers and employees regarding the tax and social security aspects of international mobility. With our knowledge, experience, and international network, we can assess all of the related risks and opportunities, and help you limit the costs. With advanced technology solutions, we help you streamline your procedures and carry out efficient recordkeeping and compliance.

The following applications are available through KPMG LINK:

  • Status Report Center: Offers real-time insight into the status of returns and other projects.
  • Cost Projector: Calculates tax for hypothetical situations to give insight into the costs of a potential secondment.
  • Compensation collector: Coordinates payroll information between different locations, with the option of connecting directly with your payroll system. 
  • Global Equity Tracker: Calculates the withholding tax to be withheld on share-related remuneration in various countries, for employees that work or have worked abroad.
  • Business Traveler Tool: Identifies risks in the field of personal income tax, social security, and immigration (work permits), in connection with international mobility.

Together with you, we determine which activities you conduct yourself, and which you outsource to us. We offer a wide range of services, including the following:

  • We advise the seconded employee and the employer, before departure and upon return, regarding planning possibilities in order to minimize the tax burden. This service might include, for example, establishing a payment structure for the employee to be seconded and compensation for additional taxation costs (tax equalization, tax protection).  
  • We offer advice on subjects of particular importance to cross-border workers, including international social security, avoiding double taxation, share-related remuneration (equity based compensation), payment in kind, and allowances for extra costs in connection with the secondment, such as those related to housing, moving, and training. 
  • We implement salary splits, and give advice on how to optimize them. 
  • We prepare applications for the 30% ruling for workers entering the Netherlands.  
  • We prepare personal income tax returns, calculate salary for parallel payroll records, and perform other required administrative duties for seconded employees. We can also reach agreement with the Dutch Revenue regarding the omission of the personal income tax returns for certain categories of employees.   
  • We conduct international reorganizations such that both the employer and employee can minimize, to the extent possible, the tax, social security, and administrative burdens involved. 

How do you benefit?

The IES specialists at Meijburg & Co can help you limit the costs of international secondments. Our specialists can relieve employers and employees of a great deal of the administrative burden involved, and ensure that they are not in for any surprises. Finally, we don’t just give answers; we offer solutions. 

Why Meijburg & Co?

Meijburg & Co’s IES Group comprises specialists engaged full time in providing tax-related services to expatriates. This guarantees considerable expertise. The group takes advantage of KPMG’s global IES network, through which worldwide, coordinated services can be provided. Above all, the IES Group utilizes specific software that ensures efficient IES compliance. Finally, through close cooperation with our Global Mobility Advisory Services, the IES Group provides a “one-stop shop” in the real sense of the word: we handle every aspect of cross-border work.