You and the generations before you have worked hard to accumulate your family’s wealth and create a sustainable business environment for current and future generations, and in many cases also for the external shareholders and your employees.

If you want to be certain that this wealth is managed wisely so that your family can reap the fruits of it in the future, the following matters deserve consideration:

  • How do I safeguard the family business and wealth for the next generation and how can I ensure that taxation is minimized upon transfer?
  • Is the next generation prepared for the responsibility that inheriting wealth entails?
  • Is everyone aware of the long-term vision for our family’s wealth?
  • Which alternatives exist for the investment of my money?
  • Can I structure my assets in a manner that reduces the tax burden?
  • Can I retire and withdraw value from the business without compromising the financial health of the business?
  • What about my pension and that of other family members and owners?

How can we be of assistance to you?

Meijburg & Co has very experienced tax advisors for both individuals and businesses. They can assist you with any strategy you wish to pursue. We can advise you on gift and inheritance tax, trusts, investment companies for families, tax-efficient retirement and real estate plans. We have special pension teams that can offer tailor-made advice, both to your family and to external owners.

As part of a broader training agenda, we can enter into dialogue with the next generation about the responsible management of inherited wealth and about their tax position.