Government on the move

The public sector is changing rapidly and is facing enormous challenges as a result of essential cost reductions, radical social changes and new legislation and regulations. Non-profit organizations are having to take a close look at themselves and are forced to take stock of opportunities and risks. Today's reality is challenging and now is the time for organizations to look at themselves with a fundamentally different outlook. Meijburg & Co supervises the tax process in order to prepare organizations in the public sector for the future.

Since time immemorial we have been providing advice on tax issues to many non-profit organizations, including government agencies, institutions affiliated with government bodies and healthcare and educational institutions. Our specialized advisors have extensive experience with the tax issues that may come up for discussion in the field of corporate income tax, VAT, payroll tax and social security contributions, gift tax, real estate transfer tax and local taxes.

Who are our clients?

Our clients include government departments, provinces and municipalities. We also provide advice on common regulations, hospitals, home care agencies, educational institutions and fund-raising bodies. In addition, advice is given to autonomous administrative bodies, public corporations and other government-affiliated institutions. Finally, non-profit institutions under private law, which may or may not be fully funded by the government, receive assistance in the tax field from Meijburg & Co. Such institutions may include research agencies and government advisory bodies.

What Meijburg & Co can do for you

Our specialists have extensive experience providing assistance on tax issues to small and large organizations in the public sector.

We can assist you in various fields:

  • corporate income tax and VAT liability;
  • optimization of the tax position by means of quick and regular scans;
  • privatization of government activities;
  • secondment and remuneration of personnel;
  • questions about cost allocation (division of costs, substantiation and determination of transfer prices);
  • advice on documentation requirements;
  • dividend withholding tax issues;
  • tax aspects of grants;
  • VAT compensation fund for municipalities;
  • reduction of the VAT burden when performing VAT-exempt services;
  • supervision of real estate plan development.

Our specialists often work together with other KPMG advisors in the same segment, including auditors and risk managers. In this way we combine different perspectives and have optimum insight into the market, thereby enabling us to proactively assist you in the best possible manner.