Meijburg & Co’s Sweden Desk provides, in close collaboration with KPMG Sweden, tax advice to companies and individuals with cross-border interests, investments or activities. The professionals on this Country Desk have specific knowledge of and experience with this ‘frontier’ and are often personally interested in Sweden. The members of the Sweden Country Desk are thus uniquely placed to efficiently and expertly assist you with tax matters.

The core activities of the Country Desk mainly consist of providing advice on: 

  • starting and structuring business activities in or from Sweden (including coordinating and assisting with due diligence)
  • cross-border mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and restructuring
  • cross-border financing
  • real estate investment in or from Sweden
  • types of legal forms (including joint ventures and partnerships)
  • intercompany services and the supply of goods (transfer pricing)
  • setting up a European head office or service center in the Netherlands
  • the amendment of legislation and case law in Sweden and the implications of this for Dutch investors;
  • secondment of staff to and from Sweden
  • cross-border option and pension plans
  • emigration from and immigration to Sweden
  • the provision and exchange of information between both countries
  • cooperating with accountants in the determination of the tax position in financial statements and compliance / tax accounting

The provision of advice also covers Dutch and Swedish corporate income tax, VAT, customs, payroll tax and personal income tax, social security, withholding taxes, inheritance tax and local Swedish taxes. The close collaboration between the professionals of Meijburg & Co and KPMG Sweden ensures that the knowledge and expertise of both organizations is used to its best advantage and this contributes to the right choices being made in applying regulations of both countries. KPMG has more than 40 offices in Sweden (spread throughout the entire country) that can provide you with financial advice (tax advice, accounting, consultancy). In Sweden, an office is always close by!

If necessary, the Sweden Country Desk can coordinate the provision of advice in non-tax fields, such as the provision of legal and administrative services.

The members of the Sweden Country Desk also have many contacts at private and public sector/semi-public sector organizations in the Netherlands and Sweden that are involved with the provision of financial and tax services as well as the promotion of trade between both countries. Meijburg & Co is, for example, a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. Individual members of the Country Desk are also members of the Swedish-Dutch Association.