Continuously changing tax legislation and regulations do not always simplify the preparation of your corporate income tax return, on the contrary. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration is also becoming increasingly strict about how and when tax returns must be filed. Add to this the increased attention paid to the tax position in financial statements and recent developments concerning standard financial reports (eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), Standard Business Reporting (SBR)) and it quickly becomes clear that the tax return process is an increasingly challenging one.

We consider it important, particularly in these turbulent times, for our clients to be able to maintain their focus on managing their organization. That is why Meijburg & Co’s approach and organization enables our clients to effectively and smoothly face those challenges. Our comprehensive approach to your tax issues, together with advice, are the foundation that enables us to provide added value to your organization.

How can Meijburg & Co help you?

In practice, the corporate income tax return is often regarded as an annually recurring necessary evil. It does not always visibly add value or contribute to the strategic goals of your organization. In our experience, it is also often a difficult process, but one where close collaboration between your organization and our tax return specialists could ensure that:

  • unnecessarily high administrative expenses are avoided;
  • any additional conditions from the Dutch tax authorities and the impact of changing legislation and regulations are addressed;
  • significant financial and other risks can be properly managed, with the corporate income tax practice forming an integral part of optimal tax advice, making the most of the opportunities available.

 How you can benefit

The substantial administrative costs for the preparation of your corporate income tax return often mean that the collaboration between your organization and your advisor leaves room for improvement, and sometimes means that many hours must be spent providing advice on preventing or resolving issues with the tax authorities. In our view, this is unnecessary because the administrative process involved in preparing a tax return and assessing your specific situation, also in respect of changing requirements and regulations, is something that is quite easy to organize in cooperation with you.

Important factors for success are:

  • standardization of your administrative organization;
  • use of the latest IT resources;
  • a practice that does not require the wheel to be reinvented time and again;
  • close and satisfying collaboration with our excellent tax return specialists;
  • a swift assessment by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration without further questions/audits.

In addition to realizing costs savings, we can also ensure that your tax return process is reliable and equipped to deal with the future.

Why choose Meijburg & Co?

Since 1939, Meijburg & Co has been assisting companies with the preparation of their corporate income tax returns. Our tax return specialists are extremely committed and process more than 5,000 tax corporate income tax returns each year for a wide variety of clients.

Our services incorporate all the aspects of the tax return process, from requesting a deferral for filing a tax return through to finalizing the tax return with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. We guarantee you excellent support during the introduction of new processes and the implementation of new administrative systems. Our focus lies on pleasant, professional and effective collaboration between our specialists and your organization during the process implementation.

Meijburg & Co’s tax return specialists are represented in all our offices and work closely with other tax specialists at Meijburg & Co. With this comprehensive approach, we aim to provide our clients with the best possible advice on all aspects of their tax position.