Do you have plans to acquire a company? Or do you want to merge with another company or sell a business? And are you aware of the tax risks involved in these transactions?

Meijburg & Co M & A Tax can identify these tax risks for you through a tax due diligence review. We advise clients with respect to mergers and acquisitions, participations, the sale of businesses, and initial public offerings (IPOs). Our services include performing a pre-deal assessment, a (vendor) tax due diligence review, and advising on the most tax-efficient acquisition structure.

It is up to you to determine the scope of the review. For instance, you might want to opt for a quick scan, in which the most important tax aspects are analyzed in general terms.

tax due diligence review performed by Meijburg & Co Transaction Services offers: 

  • a clear and unequivocal report;
  • an assessment of the tax risks;
  • advice on tax-related guarantees in the relevant agreement;
  • a discussion of any tax opportunities identified; and
  • the services of experienced professionals.