While customs duties are imposed upon the import and export of goods, excise tax is levied upon the removal from warehouses and import of special products, such as fuel, alcohol, and tobacco. Customs measures can play an important, and sometimes determinative, role in business transformation and supply-chain projects. Harmonization of customs legislation within the EU is virtually complete, and various customs rules, such as those pertaining to customs valuation and the origin of goods, have been standardized around the world. Nevertheless, there are fundamental differences in the interpretation of these rules, both inside and outside the EU. Of crucial importance is that you and your business do not suffer any disadvantage from these differences and that the solutions created be accepted in all the countries relevant to you.

How can Meijburg & Co assist you?

Our customs team is designed to offer our clients an optimally flexible and beneficial application of EU customs regulations and extensive support in disputes with the customs authorities in the Netherlands and abroad. What follows is a partial list of the areas in which we offer advice and support:

  • customs valuation
  • customs procedures, such as those regarding warehousing, the processing of goods under customs control, and inward and outward processing
  • agricultural levies and refunds
  • preferential rates
  • excise tax
  • luxury tax on new cars and motorcycles
  • customs measures unrelated to tax
  • export control measures
  • origin of goods
  • customs transit
  • classification in the combined nomenclature
  • exemptions from import duties
  • legal assistance
  • customs scan and risk analysis

How will you benefit?

Engaging the support of Meijburg & Co’s customs professionals ensures that you receive professional guidance throughout every phase of your international business processes. You will avoid excessive customs duties, excise tax, and other indirect taxes, while we pave your way to efficient contacts with the customs authorities.

Why choose Meijburg & Co?

Our customs team comprises 15 experienced customs specialists, who form part of the global network of KPMG customs professionals. Customs and excise tax has been a definitive specialty of Meijburg & Co for more than 50 years, and our expertise has been relied upon by scores of internationally operating businesses.