Turkey’s economy is booming. Where, in the past, it was Dutch businesses investing in Turkey, we now see more and more Turkish businesses heading our way. In the last few years, Turkish (family) businesses have made several large acquisitions in Europe and direct investment in the Netherlands is also increasing. Turkey is thus a market on the move. The Netherlands has a unique tax treaty with Turkey, under which a full avoidance of double taxation can be claimed, subject to conditions. This makes it attractive for Turkish businesses to invest in or through the Netherlands.

In order to assist our Dutch and Turkish clients with their mutual investments, we have set up a Turkey Country Desk. This Country Desk works closely with KPMG Turkey and with the other KPMG disciplines in the two countries. The members of the Country Desk have knowledge and experience of both Turkish and Dutch legislation and regulations. Some of our staff members also speak Turkish. We assist our clients with, for example:

  • the structuring/restructuring of investments in and by Turkey
  • cross-border mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations
  • financing
  • transfer pricing and country-by-country reporting
  • the VAT treatment of international goods and services flows

The Turkey Country Desk can advise you on any number of taxes, including corporate income tax, VAT, customs, payroll tax and personal income tax, social security, withholding taxes, inheritance tax and local Turkish taxes. The close collaboration between the professionals of Meijburg & Co and KPMG Turkey ensures that the knowledge and expertise of both organizations is used to its best advantage and this contributes to the right choices being made in applying regulations of both countries. If necessary, tax advice can be coordinated to take account of non-tax fields, such as legal and administrative services.