Are you certain that your business’s or institution’s VAT position is the best it can be? Will its accounting systems and VAT returns bear up under scrutiny from the Dutch Revenue? Are you convinced that you, as an entrepreneur, do not pay excessive VAT?

Meijburg & Co’s VAT quick scan is a simple and efficient tool that helps entrepreneurs determine whether they run any VAT compliance risks. Furthermore, it identifies potential VAT-saving opportunities. The VAT quick scan can be used both for entrepreneurs who effect transactions subject to VAT and those who effect VAT-exempt transactions.

A VAT quick scan offers: 

  • a rapid and efficient general overview of opportunities and risks
  • an investigation based on a checklist and/or brief interview
  • concise report of our findings
  • a lead time of just one to two weeks

Additional benefits of our VAT quick scan: 

  • It clearly identifies opportunities and potential risks, enabling you to optimize your VAT position.
  • It can serve as a tool for auditing annual financial statements: Is your company “in control” when it comes to the levy of VAT?
  • It helps limit the risk of assessments and penalties being imposed.