Do you want to give additional training on VAT issues to your employees who work in that field? And do you wish to determine yourself what issues that training must address?

Meijburg & Co can offer you an in-house course, training, or workshop that is geared specifically to your company’s needs. This involves tailor-made solutions: you decide, in consultation with us, the objective and level, but also the place and the date, as well as the size of the group (we recommend a maximum of 20 people). If you wish, we can review existing course materials and revise them if necessary. In practice, having employees of the financial, commercial, and logistics departments follow a VAT course together reduces miscommunication and promotes mutual understanding.

VAT training offers: 

  • tailor-made training (this fosters employee attendance and eliminates unnecessary course materials)
  • professional guidance by experienced VAT specialists
  • not just theory, but includes many relevant examples from the participants’ everyday practice

Additional benefits of our VAT training: 

  • It creates a basis for mutual consultation and understanding.
  • It reduces the likelihood of errors through increased knowledge and internal communications.
  • It may result in cost savings and improved risk management.
  • It provides a sound basis for testing whether an ERP system was implemented correctly.
  • Knowledge gained can be directly applied in everyday practice.