The WOZ valuation is becoming increasingly important. It is not only used as the base for property taxes, but is, for example, also used for corporate income tax purposes and for the landlord levy.

We can well imagine that an annual critical review of the WOZ valuation is not at the top of your list of priorities. But this means you may inadvertently be paying too much tax. What is the correct WOZ valuation? Are you making the best use of the available exemption opportunities?
We have a team of 10 specialists who are involved with WOZ issues on a daily basis, not only from a valuation-technical perspective, but also from a tax-legal perspective. Based on our many years of experience we have been able to build up an excellent relationship with municipalities

Municipal taxes

Municipal taxes can be hefty, for example:

  • property taxes
  • sewerage system charges
  • betterment of property levy
  • frontage tax
  • advertising tax
  • tourist tax
  • fees and charges (e.g. building charges)

Should an assessment have been imposed on you? Is the bylaw binding? We advise individuals,
businesses and institutions and take care of notice of objection and appeal proceedings.