Solutions for managing your global workforce

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For many organisations, the pressure to compete effectively has led to a growing, more complex workforce. Managing your employees’ mobility, both internationally and domestically, is becoming ever more expensive and time-consuming. Meijburg & Co’s People Services professionals are here to support you in finding solutions.


International assignments, a variety of fixed and variable remunerations and fees, and changing legislation ensure that both domestic and international HR departments have to meet increasingly high requirements. Whatever the challenge of your business, and wherever in the world it is faced, our network of specialists has the knowledge and expertise to assist you. From planning in the area of personal income tax, wage tax and social security, to support on immigration procedures and advice on remuneration policy, our team is determined to keep you in control of your global or local workforce.

How can Meijburg & Co advise and support you?

Our People Services specialists can support you, both with the international assignment of your employees (Global Mobility Services) and with your domestic workforce  in the Netherlands (Employment Tax Services). We are here to support you, through a combination of top-quality advice and innovative practical compliance support in every location where you are, so that you can keep control over your workforce.

A People Services client was expanding into a number of jurisdictions across Europe and Asia Pacific. We assisted in developing their global mobility policies by identifying the key benefits commonly offered in each jurisdiction and structuring the provision of those benefits in the most cost effective manner. This enabled the company to ensure its policies were both competitive and cost effective. Ruben Froger - Meijburg & Co

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