Bauco has extensive experience in the tax practice, where he has held various positions. After having spent seven years working in the SME practice, and following a brief interlude as a corporate tax advisor, Bauco joined the international corporate practice in 1999. He has been with Meijburg & Co since 2002, and attached to the Tax Knowledge Center − Meijburg & Co's research bureau − since mid-2007.

Bauco is primarily concerned with all areas of corporate income tax. He keeps a close eye on legislative developments in this area, and keeps his colleagues up-to-date on these matters. Not only in his everyday work, but also in his capacity as a ‘knowledge manager’, Bauco is regarded as a walking encyclopedia. Besides acting in this ‘question and answer’ capacity, he also performs research in the technical tax field, writes internal and external newsletters, reviews articles, and provides in-depth commentary on tax advisory engagements. Bauco also provides input for internal and external seminars and internal training courses.

Bauco is a member of various task force and tax knowledge groups, including the Interest and Loss Set-Off Tax Knowledge group. He has published numerous articles on a variety of subjects, including temporal ringfencing, loss set off and participation interest.


  • Corporate income tax and interest deduction
  • Loss set-off in corporate income tax

Education and memberships

  • Tax Law, Leiden University
  • Dutch Federation of Tax Advisors
  • Member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors (NOB)


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