Daniëlle has been an advisor for more than fifteen years on national and international payroll tax and social security. Her clients are large and medium-sized organizations from a variety of sectors: financial services, IT-services and the internet, temporary employment services, manufacturing, hotels, wholesale, engineering, automotive, non-profit organizations and government bodies. They are based in a variety of countries including Japan, the United States, Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Ireland, and Austria.

As a result of her affinity for employment law, Daniëlle has gained extensive knowledge and experience of employment relations in the broadest sense of the term. Daniëlle is a member of the Investment Relief tax knowledge group and KPMG's European Task Force on Social Security.


  • European and international social security (EU regulations and bilateral treaties with Japan and India, and the continental shelf)
  • Remittance reductions relating to education, research and development and maritime shipping costs
  • Hiring-in of staff (social security, employment law, taxation, and liability)
  • Work-related costs rules
  • Labor law
  • Social security law

Education and memberships

  • Post-graduate degree (Postdoctoraal) Fiscal Law, Amsterdam University
  • Dutch law, Nijmegen University


  • Augustin, D.J.M.M. (1998). Flexibiliteit en zekerheid: ("Flexibility and certainty") Een nieuwe kijk op tijdelijk werk. ("Temporary work, a reappraisal".) Samson.