Otto is involved with providing tax advice on international tax structures and financing issues, and is also closely involved with the drafting of tax opinions and litigation. He obtained his doctorate from the University of Amsterdam in 2005 with a thesis on the erosion of the corporate income tax base resulting from the deduction of interest.

Otto is a professor at the law faculty of the University of Amsterdam, lecturing on the integrity of the tax base. He is also a deputy judge with the Court of Appeals in the Hague. Otto is an editor of various academic tax journals, and is also one of their permanent contributors. He is frequently invited to speak at seminars and conferences.

Otto’s publications include books on dividend withholding tax, reports on Dutch tax law in an international context, and numerous articles and commentaries on international and European tax law, corporate income tax, and dividend withholding tax.


  • Corporate income tax and interest deduction
  • Dividend withholding tax
  • European tax law

Education and memberships

  • Dutch Bar Association
  • Dutch Law and Tax Law, University of Amsterdam
  • Member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors


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