Renewable energy tax advice

Duurzame energie

The shift towards sustainability is having an impact on much of society. This includes both domestic and international tax regimes. Your renewable energy projects are affected by a significant number of tax rules, as are your efforts to make your business premises, factory or operations more sustainable. Meijburg & Co’s Energy & Utilities specialists are here to provide you with expert tax advice in the field of renewable energy.

Renewable energy projects

Are you carrying out a renewable energy project, or do you have plans to make your business premises, factory or operations more sustainable? A range of professionals work together in Meijburg & Co’s renewable energy practice in order to advise you on these types of projects. We are here to help you with the structuring and financing of energy projects involving the following:

  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Heating (incl. residual heating)
  • Biofuels, biomass and biogas
  • Hydrogen
  • Waste
  • Making offices, factories and other buildings more sustainable

However, our services are not limited to the above list. We are also particularly glad to assist you where the application of investment tax incentives, the impact on your energy tax and valuations for the purposes of the Valuation of Immovable Property Act (WOZ) for all your projects are concerned. It goes without saying that we assist you with all of the tax aspects involved, such as, for example, the financing of the tax structure. We are therefore happy to take care of the fiscal part of your project.

Rules and tax law for the renewable energy sector

The world of sustainability is a constantly changing one. The Dutch government has set goals in this area. These goals also influence the tax rules and law in the energy sector. There are both positive, stimulating rules and negative rules, designed to discourage.

Our renewable energy tax team is fully aware of current developments. As a consequence, we can provide you with the very best of assistance. Moreover, we can help you with the implementation of the rules and tax law. You might think here in terms of assistance with your tax returns, and where necessary, consultation with e.g. the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration or the relevant ministry.

Need renewable energy tax advice?

Are you involved in a project in the area of renewable energy? Are there any plans for making your office or factory more sustainable in the near future? Or have you already done this, and do you need follow-up advice on the consequences of renewable energy? Our renewable energy tax team, part of KPMG’s Energy & Natural Resources network, is here to help you. Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience, we can provide you with excellent assistance on your Energy & Utilities challenges and important strategic affairs and priorities. Our specialists, including Sandra Kortekaas, Ronald Honings and André Boekhoudt, can provide you with further information.

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