Tax advice for education


Educational institutions are often large-scale financial entities. From this point of view, they are no less significant than medium-sized or large businesses. However, being public, educational institutions are held to greater accountability than businesses. It is therefore of great importance that your educational organisation is in control in the area of tax rights and duties. Meijburg & Co’s specialists are glad to advise you on these matters.

Tax regulations in the educational market

Educational organisations are faced with quite a few tax regulations. As a result, virtually all of your business processes have tax consequences. Not only does this apply to educational and research activities, but also, for example, to partnership projects with third parties, the purchasing of assets and sponsoring projects. When you supply staff, there are also consequences for VAT. Do you have a policy on which your tax-financial considerations are based? Who within your educational organisation keeps up-to-date with tax regulations? Our professionals are glad to assist you in this area.

Being in control in the area of tax rights and duties

Due to the educational market’s public function, it is very important that your institution be in control of its tax affairs. Educational institutions have quite a number of tax rights and duties. It makes sense to take advantage of these. Being in control not only means paying enough tax, but also that you exploit your tax opportunities to the full. If you fail to exploit your possible tax deductions and exemptions sufficiently, then you are unnecessarily paying too much. Therefore, our team is here to help you, through its integrated approach to your educational institution’s tax affairs.

Need tax advice for educational institutions?

At Meijburg & Co, we have a specialised Education group. The professionals in this group will be glad to advise and support your educational organisation in controlling its tax position. Our current clients include many universities, universities of applied sciences, regional training centres and secondary educational organisations. Thanks to our vast experience in the education market, you are guaranteed service to the highest standard.

Do you require tax advice for your educational institution? Have you asked yourself whether your educational organisation is taking sufficient advantage of tax exemptions? Using a combination of their tax expertise and knowledge of the sector, our professionals are here to help you. Feel free to contact us.

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