The implementation of BEPS and EU regulations has turned 2018 into a difficult year for multinational companies: a tsunami of transfer pricing compliance, changing deadlines and requirements, audits, and new customs and tax regulations.
To help you navigate this sea of changes, we are delighted to invite you to join us for our annual transfer pricing seminar. We have invited a number of experienced transfer pricing professionals, including: Andrea Tolley, global head of Transfer Pricing at GSK, Irene Ros global head of Transfer Pricing at Shell, Ana Maria Janschek, director Transfer Pricing PVH Europe and Ida de Vries from the Transfer Pricing team of the Dutch Tax Authorities.


08.00 a.m. Registration and breakfast 
08.30 a.m. Welcome by Jeroen Dijkman, Meijburg & Co
08.45 a.m. Recent developments: Life after BEPS, digital economy, recent regulatory developments
10.00 a.m. Coffee break
10.15 a.m. Break-out sessions round 1
11.15 a.m. Break-out sessions round 2
12.00 p.m. Lunch



ROUND 1: 10.15 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. 

Break out 1: "In control of your transfer pricing".
Many companies have completed their first round of CbCR, Master File and Local file transfer pricing documentation. In this workshop, we will share practical experiences and lessons learned. In addition, we will discuss ways to improve your control over transfer pricing, the documentation process and communication to internal and external stakeholders.
Speakers: Dianne Berry & Jaap Reyneveld

Break out 2: "TP vs Indirect Tax".
In the day-to-day operations of many companies, transfer prices are often also being used as a basis for establishing the taxable amount for customs and VAT purposes. However, recent EU case law has shown that retroactive TP adjustments have a big (negative) impact on the valuation method to be applied for customs purposes. Whether such adjustments need to be followed for VAT purposes is also doubtful. Where do we stand and how can organizations cope with these developments?
Speakers: Jeroen Kuppens, Carina Ruijten & Luc Pfennings

ROUND 2: 11.15 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Break out 1: "To APA or not APA”.
Exchange of (past) rulings and joint tax audits: what may be the impact and what are our practical experiences and lessons learned.
Speakers: Esther Scholten & Eduard Sporken

Break out 2: "Technology: Tax, data and analytics".
KPMG’s Tax Intelligence Solution (TIS) is our proven technology to help organizations pro-actively monitor their transfer pricing policy, minimize year-end adjustments while getting an overview of the total supply chain. When processing the information,TIS can also analyze data on VAT or other indirect taxes paid on import.
Speakers: Peter Visser & Quenton Martes

Location: Amstelveen
Datum: 05 June 2018
Time: 08:00 t/m 13:00