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When you think of Meijburg & Co, you probably think of tax advisors. However, the legal aspects of many tax matters are also very important. That is why Meijburg Legal was established. Increasingly complex and ever-changing regulations mean a reliable legal partner is essential. Our experts have in-depth insight into your business and personal needs and thus know how best to serve you.

Multidisciplinary approach

Meijburg Legal has expertise in many areas of law. But the service we provide doesn’t stop there. We can also help you with the implementation of your projects. In addition, we ensure that you are aware of the best way to apply new regulations in your particular field. Moreover, in our capacity as civil-law notaries, we can immediately implement these.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we know the full extent of the different aspects of your business operations. For example, our intensive collaboration with colleagues from Tax, Audit and Advisory enables us to engage specialists quickly.

Our legal services

We can help you with all your legal issues. Our team is here to assist you, both with the incorporation of your company and the development of your business. You can always call on us; in good economic times when your company is thriving, but also when times are tough.  The services we provide include:

  • Adding value in mergers and acquisitions

We are here to help you with mergers or acquisitions. We are mainly specialized in middle-market companies. We are also happy to assist you with private equity and joint venture transactions. Due to our multidisciplinary approach, you are assured of added value in each phase of a transaction.

  • Solutions for estate planning and emigration/immigration matters

Our team for private clients is here to help you with estate planning. You can also call on us for emigration/immigration matters. Rest assured we will take your individual needs into account.

  • Wealth planning

As a private client, you can call on us for wealth planning. We will structure your assets to meet all legislative requirements and ensure sufficient transparency.

  • Effective compliance management

Effective compliance management constitutes an increasingly formidable challenge to companies. This is due to factors such as increasing globalization and continually changing legal structures. We therefore support KPMG’s Global Entity Management Services team. This KPMG team provides integrated compliance services to companies tailored to your worldwide entities.

  • Setting up or restructuring entities

In the context of your company structure, we can assist with the incorporation of or changes to local entities, regional partnerships or even the structure of your entire business (more information). We are also here to help you with the restructuring of existing structures to ensure that they continue to meet your changing needs. That is the basis of our Legal Entity Rationalization procedures.

  • Flexible project support

Would you like to lessen the burden on your inhouse teams? Then Meijburg Legal can offer you flexible project support so that you and your employees can instead focus on the day-to-day activities of your business.

  • Advice on corporate governance issues

Our legal team can also provide administrative support to your company’s offices. Advising on corporate governance issues is part of this and could include, for example, guidelines on the risks and responsibilities of directors and supervisory board members.

Legal Entity Rationalization (LER)

Successful companies have the tendency to expand, e.g. through the acquisition of other companies. Each acquisition not only increases the number of business entities, but also the complexity of the company structure. From a commercial point of view, it is generally useful to serve the market from either one or a limited number of entities in a given country. And also from a cost and risk management perspective, it is worth limiting the number of entities in the group.

Reducing the number of entities leads to considerable cost savings. The average annual costs of running a company are rarely less than EUR 25,000. For example, the annual ‘cash out’ costs of the numerous obligatory reports, licenses and registrations, but also ‘internal’ expenses incurred for IT, administration and management.

Advantages of Legal Entity Rationalization

  • Operating as a unified entity in the market
  • Simplification and acceleration of internal and external reporting processes
  • Improved insight
  • Reduction of annual costs

LER projects are multidisciplinary. This is because the elimination of entities may trigger movements in employees, activities and financial streams, and adjustments to IT systems. Thanks to our worldwide network and our tax and legal experience with LER projects, we have LER specialists at our disposal in many countries. Want to know more about LER?

Extensive global network

We not only distinguish ourselves through our multidisciplinary approach, but also through our unique, global network of more than 2300 legal experts. This makes us the ideal provider of legal services on both domestic and international matters. Moreover, our vast experience ensures that we are always in a position to see the bigger picture.

Need legal advice? Meijburg Legal!

Are you setting up a new business or taking over a company? The professionals of Meijburg Legal are here to help you. You can depend on us for both business and personal advice. Whatever your situation, we will be glad to be your reliable partner and guide you through all complex issues. We look forward to getting to know you.

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