Tax Technology Services & Strategy


Tax technology is the application of technology in the field of taxes. This is not new, but its use has increased considerably in recent years. It can be rather difficult to determine which tools are most suited to your company. That’s why Meijburg & Co’s experts are here to help.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and tax engines

There are systems/technologies which have been around for some time already. The first of these is enterprise resource planning (ERP). It is important that ERP systems automatically assign the correct tax codes to transactions. For example, the correct VAT percentages, where applicable. The second are so-called tax engines. These are software which support tax processes such as VAT determination and the preparation of the corporate income tax return.

Increase in tax technology

As mentioned above, the application of tax technology has increased considerably in recent years. This is not due to technological developments alone. Companies and institutions have become far more aware of the value they add. In other words, tax technology results in greater efficiency. In addition, it makes relevant data accessible, which facilitates process automation. As a result, it also allows you to identify potential opportunities and risks quickly and in a user-friendly way. 

Meijburg & Co and tax technology

Our team of tax specialists and IT experts is here to help you. We assist you in optimising the use of existing systems, in your tax technology strategy and in the selection of new tools, including those which we have developed ourselves. You can apply these immediately in your own company: you don’t need to retrain first as an IT specialist!

Our solutions make use of the following technologies:

  • Data analysis for VAT, import duties, transfer pricing and corporate income tax
  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning

In addition, you can follow a number of training courses with us. These are intended to help tax managers and controllers find their way in ERP systems. These courses are given both at your location and at our offices.

Need help with tax technology?

Have you asked yourself how you can access all relevant data in order to identify opportunities and risks? Or do you want advice on how to optimise processes in order to save time on repetitive tasks? Our professionals are of the view that tax technology is not a goal in itself, but a means by which to resolve these kinds of issues. For this reason, we always begin by discussing your business, your processes and your ambitions. Tax technology needs to be aligned with this. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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