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Expertise, a proactive approach, excellent quality, and high speed of response. These are just a few of the characteristics that have made Meijburg & Co one of the most prominent tax law firms in the Netherlands.

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As part of our service, we will be pleased to inform you about current and relevant tax developments.

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ITR World Tax Review 2015

Meijburg & Co has been ranked 'Tier 1' in the ITR World Tax 2015.

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Meijburg & Co actively supports projects designed to create a better society. This means that we invest in projects that take the future of society and the environment into account.

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The Lost Decree

26 August 2015 | Publications

Source: NTFR Artikelen 2015/6Author: Bauco Suvaal In an article that the author wrote in 2011, he, along with others, expressed the hope that the updating of the Decree, dated May 6, 2008,…

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FS Tax Newsletter Issue 21 | August 2015

05 August 2015 | News

Dear FS professional,  While some of you are (hopefully) able to enjoy some time off, we would like to provide you with some food for thought on the developments that have taken place…

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International Tax Newsletter - June

24 July 2015 | News

Every month we publish an e-newsletter which gives you an overview of international tax developments being reported globally by KPMG member firms in the American, Africa, Europe, ASPAC and…

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Trade & Customs News, edition 3

20 July 2015 | News

  Table of Contents 1. Latest news on TTIP 2. WCO’s new Guide to Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing 3. Update on the Union Custom Code 4. Classification of…

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Court of Justice of the European Union confir...

17 July 2015 | News

The CJEU ruled that a holding company that is actively involved in the management of its participations and which performs VAT taxable services for a fee is entitled to deduct the VAT on…

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CJEU: warranty may be VAT-exempt insurance

17 July 2015 | News

In this case, the CJEU broadly interprets the VAT exemption for insurance.…

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Iran nuclear deal

16 July 2015 | Page

On July 14, 2015, the E3/EU+3 (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia and China) and Iran reached agreement on the final text of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action…

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Supreme Court decision July 10, 2015 on Luxem...

10 July 2015 | News

The Dutch Supreme Court did not rule in favor of the Luxembourg investment fund and denied the request for a refund of the Dutch dividend withholding tax.…

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Summary of BEPS Action Plan and Status as per...

30 June 2015 | News

This document provides for a summary and the status of the OECD Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”), as per June 2015. We will first summarize the recent…

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Opinion AG CJEU in the joined cases Miljoen, ...

26 June 2015 | News

The AG concluded that withholding tax imposed on a non-resident may not exceed the individual income tax burden of a resident taxpayer.…

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A Guide to Netherlands Oil and Gas Taxation,...

22 June 2015 | Publications

The Netherlands have significant oil and gas resources onshore and offshore compared to the relative modest size of the country. Although the domestic exploration and production activities…

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European Commission adopts Action Plan on cor...

18 June 2015 | News

As foreseen, this includes a proposal to re-launch the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB).…

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International Tax Newsletter - May 2015

16 June 2015 | News

Every month we publish an e-newsletter which gives you an overview of international tax developments being reported globally by KPMG member firms in the American, Africa, Europe and ASPAC…

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EU Court of Justice decides that non-deductib...

11 June 2015 | News

The decision was primarily based on the fact that a similar loss could arise on shares in a domestic company and this would also be non-deductible.…

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09 June 2015 | News

Tax advisory firm Meijburg & Co is the driving force behind a new prestigious art prize, the Meijburg Art Commission. Talented up-and-coming artists can compete for this prize by submitting…

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