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Every type of tax has its own laws and regulations. Tax legislation evolves continuously due to new developments. Meijburg & Co’s experts are here to guide you through the jungle of taxes and regulations. Here, you can read more about inheritance and gift tax, personal income tax, tax on games of chance, WOZ and municipal taxes and real estate transfer tax.

Inheritance tax and gift tax

Inheritance tax and gift tax: almost everyone will be confronted with these taxes at some point in their lives. You pay inheritance tax on your share of a deceased person’s estate. Any gifts you make during your lifetime are subject to gift tax. Arranging this yourself can be rather complicated.  Would you like tax advice on this topic? Then contact one of our specialists via the Inheritance tax and gift tax page.

Personal income tax

Personal income tax with its box regime, various exemptions and personal deductions is extremely complex. Foreign income can further complicate matters, for example because this may involve tax treaties. Meijburg & Co’s specialists can advise you and help with tax procedures, and can also prepare and file your tax return for you, thereby ensuring that your tax matters are optimally arranged. Read more about it on our Personal income tax page.

Tax on games of chance

Tax on games of chance is a tax that applies to many games. This includes traditional games of chance such as lotteries, casino games and slot machines. However, tax may also have to be paid on promotional games of chance. Examples of this include a prize for ‘the millionth visitor’ or a prize raffled for sharing an advertisement on social media. The same applies to online games of chance. If you offer or win these, it is quite possible that you will have to pay games of chance tax. You will find more information on the Tax on games of chance page.

WOZ and municipal taxes

The value of your home or business premises for the purposes of the Dutch Valuation of Immovable Property Act (WOZ value), has become increasingly important. The WOZ value constitutes the basis not only for the immovable property tax (OZB), but also for numerous other taxes. It is therefore of great importance that this value is not too high. Moreover, in many cases, reducing it can result in savings on other municipal taxes. You will find more information about this on the WOZ and municipal taxes page.

Real estate transfer tax

Last but not least, there is real estate transfer tax. When you buy real estate, you generally have to pay this tax. The amount depends on the real estate’s function. For example, you pay less real estate transfer tax on housing. In some cases, exemptions are possible. We would be happy to find out if you are entitled to such an exemption. In any case, we will always ensure that you pay as little real estate transfer tax as possible, if any. Would you like to know what else we can do for you? Then please visit the Real estate transfer tax page.

Need tax or legal advice on these taxes? 

Do you require tax or legal advice relating to the other taxes mentioned above? You will find more information about these taxes on the relevant pages of this site. You will also find the contact details of our professionals there. We look forward to tackling your issue in tandem.

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